Friday, June 7, 2013

A Study in Identity by Jennie R.

A self portrait by my Drisha buddy Jennie :)

Hey Femipoets!

I just finished my last final and have been writing down my ideas for the blizzog! What do you guys think about an Image of the Week feature? It could be art or photography and I would love submissions from you all, though I also plan to curate some pieces from online. I might do a video of the week as well because I'm really getting into Youtube as a creative space (check out this amaaaaazing poet). 
Anyway, I'm thinking about writing five days a week here as a summer project. I hope you all enjoy and be sure to comment any suggestions for weekly or monthly features or general topics!

Also: What do you think about me creating a Facebook page where I post new pieces? I think I'll see if I can add a subscribe button too... Tell me what you think!

Photo reminiscing about last summer

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