Thursday, June 6, 2013

Just got this little tidbit from a college board email.... I am ahead of the curve :P

What are some ways to make school count over the summer?
A:One way to keep up your skills is to start a journal or a blog. 
When you write out your thoughts, you'll start thinking in a different way.  It's also good practice for school papers and essays.

 Hey Feminoctopuses! Speaking of college, another thing I wanted to address because it is, in fact, finals week for many people, is mental illness. This time of year can be very triggering for some people so I recommend educating yourself. Here's a good place to start. 

Some other things that have inspired me to stick through (tomorrow's my last day!) are these two videos: a lovely Macklemore song on civil rights, and this feminist youtuber's pep talk

My first formal post will be sometime this weekend wherein I shall explain the title and intention of this blog.  I'm so excited to begin and hope you all are too. I am majorly stoked!

P.S. I keep obsessively checking this blog, like I do with ones made by other people, but the thing is, I already know when there will be new content but I still do it!

P.P.S Bear with me as a play with the formats and backgrounds. They'll probably change frequently until I like how everything looks.  Oh, and feel free to comment on posts with your own opinions, suggestions, and polite debates!
Summer's soooo close!

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